“Who took him on the other side?”

A pair of soft blue eyes, full of tenderness and tears, looked up into mine. “On the other side! What do you mean, my darling?” As I looked quizzically at the child.

“Baby, I mean. He was so small and weak, and had to go all alone. Who took him on the other side?”

“Angels,” I answered, as steadily as I could speak; for the child’s question moved me deeply, – “loving angels, who took him up tenderly and laid his head softly on their bosoms, and sang to him sweeter songs than he had ever heard in this world.”

“But every one will be a stranger to him. I’m afraid he’ll cry for mother and father and me.”

“No, dear. The Lord is there; and the angels who are nearest to him take all the little children who leave our side, and love and care for them just as if they were their own.

When baby passed through to the other side, one of these angels held him by the hand all the way, and he was not in the least afraid; and when the light of heaven broke upon his eyes, and he saw the new beauty of the new world into which he had entered, his little heart was full of gladness.”

“Are you are sure of that?”

The grief had almost faded from the child’s voice.

“Yes, dear, very sure. The Lord, who so tenderly loves little children, took them in his arms and blessed them, and is more careful of the babies who go to him than the tenderest mother could possibly be.”

“I am so glad!” said the child; “and it makes me feel so much better! Dear baby! I didn’t know who would take him on the other side.”