Stress is caused by worry. Whether that worry be great or small, insignificant or trivial, most of the things we worry about, never happen. We worry about an undetermined future, and sacrifice our present happiness worrying about things that most of the time don’t actually happen. Instead of that, focus your mind on what you need to do today. Tomorrow comes either way, and there is no benefit wasting today worrying about tomorrow.

How Can You Eliminate Stress?

Handle each day as they come. Form the habit of selecting and focusing on important subjects only, and you will have not have an interest in wasting time on the petty worries which interrupt so many lives. Anxiety, irritation, despair, fear and the like, are mental, and therefore must be destroyed mentally.

As you realize the foolishness of negative thoughts, you will diligently strive to eliminate them from your life. They are not only worthless, but a serious handicap in the race for success. Think constructively, and your mind will be filled only with thoughts of what you must achieve today, and pride at what you accomplished yesterday.