Affirmation for Success:

The tide of Destiny has turned and everything comes my way.

Beautifully detailed map of Branford, Connecticut in 1905

Detailed bird’s eye view of Branford in the early 20th century.

Beautiful hand drawn map of Stamford, Connecticut in 1883

Click here to see what Stamford looked like 100+ years ago.

Hartford’s State Capital, Memorial Arch, and Bushnell Park

These pictures of Hartford, Connecticut were taken over the span of 20 years, from 1900 -1920.

Historic landowners map of Burlington, CT from 1869

Vintage landowners map of Burlington, Connecticut as it used to be

This little boy’s turtle died, so he put on a tie and had a funeral

This little boy’s turtle died, so he dug a grave, built a cross, and put on a tie for the funeral.

Using Auto-Suggestion to Succeed

If you are a failure, if you are unhappy and despondent, you may see the person who…