Affirmation for Success:

My mind, body and spirit are in divine alignment.

ImageBarta IV [Affirmation by KNOWOL – CC BY 2.0]

Hand colored map of Bristol, Connecticut from 1893

Click here to see what Bristol looked like more than 100 years ago!

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Bird’s eye view of Willimantic, CT from 1882

This old map shows Willimantic, Connecticut in the late 19th century.

15 fascinating pictures of America’s oldest amusement park in the 1940’s

Lake Compounce in Bristol, CT is America’s oldest continuously operated theme park.

San Juan, Puerto Rico once had snow delivered by plane for those who had never experienced it

Felisa Rincón de Gautier was the first woman to be elected Mayor of a capital city in the Americas.

Beautiful vintage map of Forestville, CT from 1880

This old map shows the Forestville section of what is now known as Bristol, Connecticut.

Beautifully restored map of Iowa City, Iowa from 1854

It has a high, beautiful and very healthy location upon the Iowa River, which is a bold deep stream of clear water, navigable with Steamboats during several months of each year, and commands the growing trade of a large scope of exceedingly fertile country, well timbered and watered.

14 beautiful old pictures reveal lost grandeur of Bridgeport, CT

Bridgeport is a seaport city in the U.S. state of Connecticut. It is the largest city in the…