Set a strong resolution, and then achieve it.

The remedy for broken resolutions is to make them again and again, each time stronger and more insistent than the last. Write down your goals each morning as a reminder. Programming positive beliefs into your mind allows you to move forward with the inner confidence needed for success. You daily build up an inner confidence, and use that to take daily, incremental action in your life. It isn’t magic, but faith and hard work create great results.

Write it down until it’s true.

Whatever you want, simply write, “I AM”, followed by your goal. Write it down each day as a reminder of what you want, and affirm to yourself that it is possible. Then? Renew and reiterate your goals as many times as necessary until you begin to achieve them.

  • To find success, repeat “I AM a success in all I do.”
  • To lose weight, repeat “I AM in the best shape of my life.”
  • To find love, repeat “I AM constantly giving and receiving love.”

Soon you will begin to feel the resolution rather than just writing it, and when you feel something, that is when you are best able to bring it forward and materialize it in the world. Support your goals with daily hard work, and slowly build your dreams into reality. Any goal is possible for those who work hard and have faith in their goal.

You have high hopes and ideals, which you can materialize if you rightfully apply your powers of decision, firmness, and perseverance. Each night, review what you accomplished during the day, and resolve to do greater things tomorrow. Intelligent self-examination is essential to great progress.

ImagePaul Wicks (CC BY-SA 2.0)
Quote: KNOWOL (CC BY-SA 2.0)