Look where we will, we find the hand in time and history, working, building, inventing, bringing civilization out of barbarism. The hand symbolizes power and the excellence of work. The mechanic’s hand, that minister of elemental forces, the hand that hews, saws, cuts, builds, is useful in the world equally with the delicate hand that paints a wild flower or molds a Grecian urn, or the hand of a statesman that writes a law. The eye cannot say to the hand, “I have no need of thee.”

Blessed be the hand! Thrice blessed be the hands that work!

– Helen Keller


Humans have used their hands throughout history to build and change the world around them. Whether that be the hand of a mechanic, the hand of a carpenter, the hand of a writer, or the hand of a general – each use of the hand is equally important because it adds to the works of this world. Blessed be the hand, for giving us the ability to work. Bless it three times, when that hand is actually caught working.

Cover image: Portrait of Helen Keller with Annie Sullivan Macy and John Macy, ca. 1909-1919. (Source: Schlesinger Library, Harvard)