This map by the satirical artist John Held Jr, was originally published in the January 1931 issue of Country Life magazine. The map shows the “map of an imaginary estate for an inveterate fly fisherman”.

An inveterate fly fisherman is one whose habit is so deeply ingrained and entrenched in their personality that it is unlikely to ever change. For those with fly fishing in their blood, this map shows their ideal home.

The “ideal estate” of a fly fisherman consists of a secluded cabin in the woods with a number of pools downstream from a fish hatchery and a fly tying factory within walking distance. The estate is surrounded by signs reading, “Private”, “No Trespassing”, and “Keep Out: This Means You”.

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This map has been fully restored by KNOWOL and would make an ideal gift for the inveterate fly fisherman in your life. If you want an attractive addition to your office, library, den, or secluded fly fishing camp in the woods, click here to get your copy of the map.