If you are a failure, if you are unhappy and despondent, you may see the person who is most to blame by stepping to the mirror! It is sad, but true!

When you begin to succeed you can mark it down as a sure thing that you have also started to believe in yourself. Through the principle of Auto-Suggestion you are either constantly urging yourself toward greater achievement or constantly defeating yourself, to the extent that you have faith in yourself or lack it.

Wrapped up in that wonderful brain of yours is all the potential ability which you need to succeed in any undertaking that can possibly be accomplished. You are the only person on earth who can cut the shackles that bind your force and release the power of your mind.

The thoughts you hold in your mind are constantly being registered in the minds of those with whom you come in contact. Do you now understand why it is so necessary to think positively of yourself? Do you now see why you must believe in your ability to accomplish all that you begin?

The difference between the successful and the unsuccessful man is easy to define and easy to remove. The successful man believes he can do anything that he imagines and goes ahead and does it; while the other man believes he cannot accomplish anything, so he never begins!

If you want to witness a marvelous transformation in yourself, start now and for ten days stand in front of a mirror for ten minutes each day, look yourself squarely in the eyes and say,

“I believe in you; you can finish everything you start; you can induce people to like you; you can get people to favor you by first favoring them; and you can win people’s confidence by placing your confidence in them.”

The results will be startling.

Image: David Marcu