Affirmation for strength:

God cannot fail, so I cannot fail. “The warrior within me” has already won.

Image: David DeHetre [Affirmation by KNOWOL – CC BY 2.0]

Historic landowners map of Burlington, CT from 1869

Vintage landowners map of Burlington, Connecticut as it used to be

Beautiful hand drawn map of Stamford, Connecticut in 1883

Click here to see what Stamford looked like 100+ years ago.

US Clinches No. 1 Seed in WW3 Western Conference

The U.S. will play sixth seeded Syria next Saturday, and is expected to meet Iran in the Elitist Eight

55 historical pictures of Southington Connecticut during WWII

This collection of pictures shows what daily life was like in Southington during WWII.

Wonderfully illustrated historical map of New London, CT from 1946

This historical map was created to celebrate New London’s 300th anniversary in 1946.

Beautifully detailed map of Wallingford, CT from 1905

Wallingford, Connecticut in the 19th century.

Old map showing a bird’s eye view of Hazardville, CT in 1880

This old map shows Hazardville, Connecticut in the late 19th century.

Welcome to Meriden, one of the finest cities in Connecticut

Meriden is a city in Connecticut located almost equidistant from Boston and…