This ancient map of Fairyland has been newly re-discovered and is here to guide you to a magical city filled with elves, mermaids, unicorns, fairies, and more. The map unveils the world of myths, fables, legends, nursery rhymes, children’s stories, plays and poems.

When you first click on the map be sure to consult the Fairies Compass which will lead you to the North of Nowhere, East of the Sun, South of Sirius and West of the Moon. Avoid sea serpents and witches! Seek out good guides such as Puss in Boots, Peter Pan, Snow White, Beauty and Her Beast, Merlin the Magician, and The Little Mermaid.

This map was first discovered by Bernard Sleigh in 1918, and was lovingly restored by a member of the KNOWOL team who subsequently disappeared in search of the lost city of Atlantis. If you would like to search for these magical lands on your own, click here to obtain a copy of the map.

Click here to enter the land of make-believe.